Masterclasses for high school students

in language analysis, media analysis and writing to influence.

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Tony’s sessions were highly informative and stimulating for the students! He has a calm manner that reassures and encourages students to think and write as potential journalists. The students were engaged with the subject matter which were current significant issues presented in the Australian and world –wide media. At the conclusion of the session, junior students asked me to please have these sessions next year so that they could attend.
Marian Le Bas, Academic Dean of English, Kilvington Grammar
Photo of Tony Nicholls

Attention Heads of English:

Tony Nicholls is an accomplished live broadcast journalist who has held roles over the last ten years with the ABC, SBS and Network Ten, covering state, national and international stories.

He presents masterclasses to high school students in writing news copy, public speaking and analysing media coverage.

His goal is to ‘skill up’ a whole new generation of spokespeople and media professionals.

Get a practical insight into the media from someone with recent Victorian press pack experience.


  • Language Analysis
  • Writing to influence
  • Writing in context
  • Social media
  • Online news and the 24-hour news cycle
  • Media analysis

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